Beard Balm / Damn Handsome


Damn Handsome's Beard Balm is an intoxicating treatment for guys who want a more controlled application than conventional beard oil. For these gents we've handcrafted a hop infused, vitamin-rich balm - free of petroleum, beeswax and lanolin - and blended with the “gold standard” of skin rejuvenating oils. This Beard Balm softens those unruly whiskers, promotes healthy beard growth and reintroduces moisture the skin for a groomed, natural finish.

Choose your blend: 

  • American Ale: Classic note of Cedar & Musk.  
  • Hoppy Mint: Cool notes of Mint & Eucalyptus. 

All Damn Handsome balms are handcrafted in small batches using non-comedogenic vegetable oils and homegrown organic hops. *Always green conscious. Vegan & never tested on Animals.

APPLICATION: Scoop out a dime sized amount, rub into palm of hand and then into skin and beard, coating the whiskers from root to end. Comb through with a natural bristle brush or hands. Store in cool, dry place. Never keep in pocket in extreme heat. Stay handsome. *Discontinue if irritation occurs.

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