Bandits Bandana | "Insomnia" by Bene Rohlmann


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BANDITS is a socially conscious, artist-driven band of outlaws on a mission to build a better bandana. 

Their bandanas feature original designs created by artists from all over the world.
For every bandana sold Bandits will donate 10% of proceeds to a charity of the artist’s choosing. As of January 2020, they've proudly donated over $14,000 to incredible artist-chosen organizations across the globe.

Bene Rohlmann is prolific illustrator and designer based in Berlin, Germany. His colorful, eye-catching illustrations are often influenced by art from Mayan, Incan, Aztec, and other ancient civilizations. Combined with Bene's affinity for skulls, butterflies, and plants, these influences imbue Bene's designs with an almost mystical quality.

100% Sustainably sourced Organic Cotton

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